Autism Hope Summit 2017

About the Hope With a Plan Summit

An invitation to become an affiliate from our President:

That first moment after a child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; it’s brutal.
For me, it felt like my world unraveled in an instant.

On October 15, 2004, we were told our son would never talk or read or be able to work a day in his life. He was only 2 years and 4 months old at the time. We were warned to give up all hope of a relationship with Jaxson because “he won’t know the difference between you and the chair you’re sitting on.”

Many of your readers have had a similar experience.

But we at Autism Hope Alliance want to throw them a lifeline. We want to tell them that such a future is NOT set in stone.

Today my son is talking, doing basic math, horseback riding, biking and rock climbing. He’s learning piano, learning how to read and he often looks deep into my eyes and tells me, “I love you mom.”

Hope IS possible. Progress IS possible. We want parents to know this.

That’s why we created a very special online summit event to give parents “Hope with a Plan.”

I invite you and your audience to join us for five very special days as we bring you a unique online summit event that honors your readers as the caregivers and the backbone of their child’s hope and chances for health.

As an affiliate for this summit, you’ll be bringing HOPE and TOOLS to help parents get the results their children so richly deserve.

Each day of the summit we’ll offer expert guidance on nutritional and physical therapies, cutting edge discoveries and more that will help parents move their child off the autism spectrum.

And, equally important, parents will discover ways to care for themselves, as we bring self-care techniques, communication and family building practices, legal guidance and more... specific to parents of children with autism.

I hope you’ll consider sharing this crucial information with your audience by becoming an affiliate for this 2nd annual summit, Hope With a Plan: Keeping Families Together, Whole & Healthy. You’ll find details on how to do so below.

Kristin Selby Gonzalez
Autism Hope Alliance, President/Chairman
Mother of Jaxson, age 14 (diagnosed with autism)

Why It's Important

Your contribution and support is such an important part of bringing hope to the millions of children, parents and families who are dealing with the challenges of autism.

Autism Hope Alliance has provided over $500,000 in special foods, supplements, books, cleaners, toys and other crucial supplies to families across America. To date Autism Hope Alliance has helped give education, resources and spread HOPE to over 30,000 families through the lectures they have given and the conference attended. Last year's summit reached 175 countries to over 8,000 families! With this online summit we can reach a global audience and touch hundreds of thousands of families by bringing autism experts, resources and free products directly to those who need it most.

A Look at Speakers Featured Last Year

Dr. Mercola
Ocean Robbins
Dr. Pedram Shojai
Dr. Bob Sears
Donna Gates

Why You Should Promote

Last year’s summit reached thousand's of families, providing them with not only hope, but a solid plan to move toward recovery.

By becoming an affiliate, you’ll help us spread a message of hope to families impacted by Autism. The Hope with a Plan summit is free, so you’ll be putting practical help into the hands of your readers with no cost to them.

For those attendees who wish to invest in further, we offer materials for purchase that allow you to earn a commission.

We make it easy by giving you tools to promote to your audience. As an affiliate, you’ll have digital access to:

  • A calendar of events and times to promote
  • Six scripts for social sharing
  • Four email templates

And of course, we’ll provide email support to help you with any questions you or your audience may have.

Commission Structure: 40% for each sale you deliver

Conversions (last year's summit):
Registration Page: 45.65%
Quiz Registration Page: 46.04%
Contest Registration Page: 89.09%

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